Analysis in ALICE

Getting started with analysis in ALICE?

Want to know how to build the ALICE software, or how to write an analysis task:

For Instructions for using GIT:

Want to learn more about our datasets, the Alice DPG has an excellent TWiki page:

Want to learn more about the latest status of data reconstruction, MC productions and calibrations:

Want to learn more about track selection cuts and AOD filter bits:

Also, we collected some (old) material on more specific topics, check it out here:

Software and Tools
AliRoot, doc ; AliPhysics, doc git (instructions: tutorial, Dario)
ROOT, SummerStudentsIntro AliEn
Geant 3, Geant 4, Fluka LEGO trains: usage twiki, overview
Fastjet Grid: MonAlisa, available packages
Coding conventions Monte-Carlo generators
ALICE Event Display system  

see also: Offline Tutorial



General analysis topics
Systematic Errors Event selection
Track reconstruction and selection (AODs, LF tips) QA repositories (EMCAL)
Train tenders Run Condition Table (RCT), Analysis QA
Analysis level QA: QA train, QA resuls, twiki page AOD production QA, Expert (low-level) QA
PID (main twiki, framework)  


Specific analysis topics
PID: TPC, TOF EMCAL recommendations
Flow package PWG-GA: general
MC productions: available, request, twiki (under construction)
PWG-JE: general, EMCAL jet framework, analyses

Further material

Focus Talks: All you wanted to know about .... and you were afraid to ask  
Writing a task in AliPhysics (some basic C++, ALICE tasks, tips and conventions) presentation Redmer Alexander Bertens 08th Apr 2016
Debugging and profiling tools presentation Giulio Eulisse 17th Dec 2015
Statistical and systematic uncertainties presentation Marco van Leeuwen 17th Dec 2015
Monte-Carlo event generators presentation Jochen Klein 17th Dec 2015
Unfolding presentation Redmer Alexander Bertens 17th Dec 2015
Data taking operations presentation Federico Ronchetti 28th Nov 2014
Quarkonia presentation Enrico Scomparin 27th Mar 2014
Jets/high pT probes presentation Marco van Leeuwen 17th Oct 2013
Resonances presentation (ppt) Christina Markert 18th Jul 2013
TPC presentation Jens Wiechula 21st Mar 2013
Data taking operations presentation (ppt) Daniele De Gruttola 21st Jun 2012
Heavy Flavours presentation Francesco Prino 15th Mar 2012
pPb collisions presentation Carlos Salgado 17th Nov 2011
Di-hadron correlations presentation Jan Rak 21st Jul 2011
Flow presentation Raimond Snellings 17th Mar 2011



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